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"I'm so very thankful for all the research you have done, your honesty and vulnerability. You are such an extension of God's holy work to get us back to the roots of who we are as women and mothers."
- Brianna Lamp Wessel

"My first was a traumatic pitocin situation, near c-section, and I’ve been unpacking the weight of it for three years now. My second was born at home and it was the most incredible experience for our family. Baby #3 on the way and you bet it will be a home birth again thanks to the influence and inspiration of Megan."
- Taylor Barany

"I first started learning about midwives and doulas because of Meg and she was the reason that I felt brave enough to deliver at a birthing center instead of a hospital! Thank goodness. A hospital would have been so much anxiety for me."
- Katy Barrios

Pregnancy, birth, and mothering seem to be the most intimate yet somehow oftentimes divisive topics to study, discuss, and relate to other women through. They're topics with intense emotion involved and often they're topics that have left deep imprints (whether positive or negative) on women.


But what if it doesn't have to be that hard?

What if we could have conversation surrounding these topics that holds space for sanctity, light, honesty, beauty, capability, and empowerment.


Imagine a conversation about pregnancy that leaves you feeling dignified, empowered, and like a

co-author in this story of creating new life?

Or a conversation about birth that leaves you eager to experience it for yourself,

to be forged by the fire and birthed into motherhood intentionally, intuitively, and excitedly? Imagine a conversation about postpartum that does without the infamous line, "just wait until...", imagine if instead there was honest, loving, and experienced insight, support, and care?

In four short years I've been blessed to carry four sweet babies; sending one home to the Lord within the first five weeks of their life and birthing the other three in very different scenarios. One in a myriad of hospital interventions in the thick of 2020 only to return to the NICU days later. One at home, unintentionally unassisted but knowingly breech. And another at home unintentionally unassisted. 

It was the mothers that came ahead of me that held my hand through each new pregnancy and encouraged me to lean into intuition and craft my own decision making tools for myself as a birthing mother. Never belittling, judging, assuming, or condemning. Merely available, experienced, empowered, confident, and passionate about helping me find my footing throughout the years as a mom. 

I want to extend that same hand to you, mama. Whether it be your first pregnancy, a long awaited one, a rainbow baby, or your 3rd child. Every pregnancy and birth is different. Each one reveals something new to us as mothers. Stepping over the threshold of motherhood looks different for every woman but it's a journey that I believe should be forged alongside a selective and trusted group of other mothers. It's not one that should be braved alone. Nor is it a journey that I would ever expect my OBGYN to have the capacity and intentionality to walk alongside me in.

**It's worth mentioning, I see an OB for every single one of my pregnancies, they just don't have the bandwidth to sit and discuss birth and motherhood with you for an hour.

Mothers were meant to mother alongside each other. We were meant to reach up to those that have done the work ahead of us, learn from them openly, and then decide our own path as mothers (because I can assure you, there are many).

We were meant to confide in each other in a unique and vulnerable way when it comes to the one thing that we all intimately experience - birth.


So as a mother of 4 years and counting, with everything in my experiential toolkit from hospital birth, inductions, breech, unintentional free birth, and home births, I stand here, available, passionate, and excited to share in the joy, knowledge, resources, and wisdom that I have to offer.

with love,


 Book a Mentor Call Below:


- 1 hour long 1:1 intentional and intimate video call with Meg discussing your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum questions, fears, and hesitancies in depth

- openness, honesty, and vulnerability from Meg

- knowledge surrounding the topic of birth mentality, pain coping mechanisms, prenatals, home births, medical interventions, placenta encapsulation, and so much more

- direct links to her favorite birth and motherhood education/books

- direct links to my birth must haves 

- direct links to my postpartum must haves

- a PDF with resources surrounding the topics of natural birth, pediatricians, and other health topics

- a PDF detailing how to practice mental visualization and it's power over your birth

- discount codes for specific non toxic birth, mother, and baby items (Meg has personally used and vouched for all of the items).

- a 20% off discount for any necessary future mentor calls 

You'll leave THE CALL:

- with a mother and friend in your corner

- with honest answers and insight to your questions and doubts

- encouraged and reminded of the sacredness of birth and the capability of your body

- with a new energy to lean into intuition and do the work required of you to be a confident and informed mama


- medical advice

- a therapy call

- counseling

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