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"Meg inspired me to dive into the beauty of natural childbirth. I just welcomed my first born two weeks ago at a birth center and it was the most peaceful, natural, unmedicated childbirth I could imagine. Thank you Meg for paving the way for a beautiful birth for me."
- Ashley Gruss

"What Meg has shared about pregnancy and birth has completely shaped how I view going through it now. I tell my husband all the time “I seriously feel like we are training for an athletic event that also involves mental and spiritual preparation” and I don’t think I would’ve known birth was even something you could “prepare” for had I not heard it through Meg first."
- Ryen Calderon

"Thank you Meg, for everything you share, both your personal experiences and the resources are so helpful and really made a difference for both my husband and I to feel confident in our home birth that ended up free birth! ."
- Anna Mason

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