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Meg has been a professional couple and wedding photographer for the past 2 years but has held a camera in her hands for the past 8. She's flown to Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Alabama, and Texas in the name of photography and wouldn't have it any other way.



Branding &


Contrary to photography, Meg actually went to college for design. She graduated with a bachelors in Graphic Design and a minor in entrepreneurship.

Owner of 3 small businesses - she knows the ins and outs of personal branding, why it's so important and how much of an impact it has on not only increasing engagement but also increasing the  overall success and sales of a business.

Whether you're an author, blogger, photographer, school of business, lawyer, or etsy shop owner; Meg has worked with them all in establishing a cohesive brand, logo, website, business card, etc.

Your business isn't only about the product or offer you sell. It's about YOU - the person selling it, your personality, your character, and how that's transferred into your entire brand.

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